SoundCloud Notes

Writing for the ear is key in broadcast writing.

The Four Cs of writing for broadcast:
1. Correctness
2. Clarity 
3. Conciseness
4. Color

Correctness talks about ACCURACY ABOVE ALL ELSE. It is a mandate.

Clarity means that the audience need to understand what you are saying… EASILY (Use simple sentences) (subject/verb/object)

Conciseness is the most in broadcast writing (if you have two minutes for your broadcast… it means you ONLY have two minutes. No more, no less) Keep your words tight and simple. Simplify your sentences (one idea per sentence) (avoid the past tense)

Color illustrates the story you are telling. Bring your audience into the story. People are the center of any story.

The Completed Circle: Write in a unified faction (the inverted pyramid does not work in this format)
For broadcast, the most common structure is dramatic unity. It starts with the climax, moves to a cause, and has an effect at the end. “climax/cause/effect” (pp.150–151)

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