Hacking Through Amazon’s Jungle of Coverage
Jeff Jarvis

You ask some good questions, and make some valid points. But the NYT did not go blithely into a story that shocked every reader who came across it.

My wife and I have been paying Prime customers for years. We have stopped going to Target, etc., and instead click on what we need and get it shipped to our home for “free” (not so much … it’s about $100 per year for Prime now).

However things are changing at Amazon. They switched over to USPS to save money, and now nearly everything goes to a mid-block USPS lock-box — our mail in one slot, along with keys for side boxes where packages are left.

Far less convenient. We have written to Amazon and have received replies from India (we assume based on the English …) assuring us that Amazon has our best interests at heart.

Things are changing … and not necessarily for the better. Having to juggle mail, keys, packages and boxes down the street is a major inconvenience, enough that we’ve considered cancelling Prime.

Add to that the abusive work conditions (the Times interviewed 100 people — it can’t all be one-sided) and our love for all things Amazon is diminishing.

And did you read today’s follow-up NYT article? http://nyti.ms/1MAOdSX

It includes things like this: “I didn’t see a whole lot of crying at desks. But I did see a lot of crying in bathrooms,” wrote Lisa Moffeit, who now works for Rhapsody, the music service.

And this: “Amazon was the most toxic work environment I have ever seen,” wrote Eric Moore, the chief technical officer of cloud and automation at Hewlett-Packard Software Americas.

And this: “I would start crying on Sunday nights and my husband devoted countless hours to listening to my stories about my work days,” said Angela Galper, a former database administrator for Amazon Web Services.

It gives one pause, no?

I had some similar experiences in some corporate environments with less than sophisticated managers, such as when my mother died, a few years after my father, and I had to go to Florida to make all the arrangements myself since I was an only child. On the third day, being overwhelmed with trying to sell their condo and take care of all their household goods in a matter of days, I phoned my then supervisor, who responded, “Well official company policy is two days of grievance time.”