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when this asshole has to pay for his own healthcare, he can have a say. Going on medicare this year has already increased my cost, just for the plans I signed up for, by over half again over what I was paying. then don’t forget $400 deductible for prescriptions, deductibles for everything else, have to pay more for medications, and he want’s to privatize it? go fly a kite and disappear. as long as we the taxpayers, pay for your private health care, for the rest of your life, and your salary and all increases, for the rest of your life, leave medicare alone-I paid in to this plan for my whole working career, and you don’t have any reason to take it away, cost way more than it does now, and you’d better just shut up about it. your party has already screwed many thousands of people by repealing the ACA, and your plan sucks-screws more people, prices them out of the market, which was probably the republicans plan in the 1st place. they don’t care about anyone but themselves and their compatriots, which all get the same special healthcare plan and salary perks as he does. it’s about time the amendment to take away their privileged status, and have to be covered the same way the citizens are, he can just shut up and go away-hope the voters do that next time he’s up for re-election.

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