The last thing you’d like to care about, when starting new Ethereum-based software project is development infrastructure.

Unfortunately it is (or was) not that easy… You had few main options, each of which is flawed:

  1. Set up local Ethereum cluster for development. Probably the most straightforward solution, but requires some initial set up and forces you to mine Ether on your local cluster, which is very CPU-intensive…

Are you the one who loves film noir aesthetics? Urban environment, rain-soaked streets, flickering street lamps, neon signs and traffic lights. Seedy taverns, diners, and run-down buildings, underground brothels and casinos. Overall atmosphere of alienation and hopelessness. Scenes appearing dark, as if lit for night, with many dark shadows…

Alexander Lockshyn

Seasoned software engineering manager and hands-on engineer, urban traveler, hardcore gamer, guitar player, dark sci-fi fan and simply geek:

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