Is a Smart Gun a Safe Gun?
An Anonymous Group of Students Who Wish to Be Anonymous

I found this topic very interesting because I don’t have a wide knowledge about guns, and your text explained a lot of concepts in a way that is easy to understand even for someone that is not an expert on the subject.

It was possible to figure out that is very hard to change regulations and laws about guns because when you change something you affect all the guns’ owners. This way, sometimes a new technology or regulation is helpful for a specific kind of user, but not helpful for others. For example, a finger print system is very good to prevent the usage of a gun when it is stolen, or without the owner’s consent. However, if you think about soldiers, it isn’t the best safety solution for them because if the system stop for some reason, they don’t have how to simply fix the problem, or use another person’s gun. Since they could be in a life or death situation finger print scanners could not be a good solution for them.

Understanding that are different usages for guns, it is possible to see that each technology has it good and bad points. Although RFID, finger print scanners, or other kind of technology can help a lot in order to prevent accidents, and reduce the current firearm death rate, they aren’t the only solution. It is necessary changes in education and culture in order to achieve the goal of keep the streets safe.