400 days of work and passion
Jean-Marie Buchilly

Jean-Marie, this post is very good because it shows a concrete example of HOW to dig deeper, to go through the dip.

Personally, I’m always balanced between the tendancy to find hacks, tricks to be more efficient and the feeling/need to assume the hard part of work : When reading it is especially the case: I’m using reviews, Amazon’s customers advices and the app Blinklist to shortcut books and understand their core problematic without reading them but very often I’m reading also them also in full. There is probably no clear answer to my own dilemna, it differs from one project or situation to an other. But what I find interesting in your experience is that it shows an approach of the hard part that introduces new dimensions : first the support of a group and then the advantage to share with a group (“Things don’t happen to stick unless there is interaction with others”). And finally it seems to me that it allows you to a jump in the unknown with lots of profits at the end.

I think you defined well one big question which is how to articulate action with this experience and I would add 2 other concerns : how do you manage to read these books (with the group) + other books of your personal or own interest (that may also interest the group in the future)? And how do you widen the interests of the group while focusing on certain topics?

I’m considering joining the book experience more than before.

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