Top 10 CSS Website Animations

Not so long ago, non-flash animation in websites was more or less limited to hover effects. Thanks to the new developments in CSS, web developers now have a tool to create extraordinary web animations. CSS animations do not need Flash, Silver Light or After Effects. The biggest benefit of CSS animation is that they are lightweight and do not have a negative impact on page load times.

The backend of a CSS based animation is simple, it is based on two components. First, the style containing the CSS animation and second the set of keyframes which signal the end and the beginning of the animation. The second component can carry intermediate waypoints for additional sophistication in the animation. For advanced animation, CSS can be combined with JavaScript, CSS3 3D etc. The possibilities are endless.

Web Developers have taken full advantage of CSS website animations. We’ve noticed some impressive examples. Take a look at the top 10 website animations we’ve collected for you.

  1. Socialites This full service social media agency website has crisp CSS animations that may be slow to load but are worth the wait.

2. Marmo Elite this mesmerizing CSS effect may make you stop and take notice. This unique beautiful CSS animation and design is so good it could be a possible distraction for prospective clients!

3. Color Plan Papers this CSS animation is genius. It isn’t just interactive, when left alone the bubbles quick form a representative map of the globe to display the global presence of the business.

4. Let’s yep simple yet crisp animations with beautiful icons and short descriptions take you on a journey through the purpose of the app and its features. By the end of the animated story you are ready to download the app!

5. Dataveyes the beautiful CSS animation looks like a random dots and particles scattered without a purpose until you click next. The designers have beautifully used words and animation to get the idea of the business across to the visitor.

6. Aquest Web Factory The animation is minimal yet the transition effects are captivating. From circles to clouds as you enter the website there is a sense of purpose to the animation. And as you are brought to the main website, the focus remains on the website’s purpose while keeping the user engaged.

7. Neotokio the website comes to life as you scroll down. Another one of the Italian CSS animation masterpieces. It may seems that we are only looking at Italian designs but there are far too many great examples of CSS website animation to ignore in a top 10 list.

8. Digitz this French CSS website animation takes a few seconds to load but once the website is up you’ll want to keep scrolling up and down to look at the beautiful designs and crisp animations. We love to look at it but the only downside is the time it takes to load.

9. Mystaticself this futuristic looking CSS is actually the simplest yet one of the most innovaive navigation menus we came across while making this list. Click the menu for more effects. Don’t forget to look at the bottom for the loading menu!

10. Red Centric PLC — Virtual Worlds to Real World Comparison This comparison of the online games has simple graphics but delivers the intended goal in style.

Staff writers at LDA Interactive (Los Angeles Website Design Agency) have prepared some additional demos worth looking at before starting your next project.

Take a look at these examples of CSS animation demos that can be incorporated into a website.

1. CSS A to Z animations Here’s an artistic display of CSS animations you may want to bookmark for your little ones. This tumblr has cool animations for the entire set of the alphabet.

2. Blur Menu Take a look at this example of one of the best CSS Website animations. It shows off blurry effects on a CSS only menu. Click the link above to view to not only one but seven polished examples.

3. Sliding Image Panels this sliding panel animation has a cool outdoorsy transitioning billboard effect. It has a nice and polished look in four variations. Click the buttons to reveal a different image in a smooth transition. The animation is so smooth you may not believe it is done only in CSS. It has absolutely no JavaScript.

4. Double ring this example of pure CSS animation is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with CSS animations. Although it is a simple animation of two animated rings in a single dev element, the over all effect is something you can keep looking at.

5. Blur filter here’s another great demonstration that uses the new CSS3 features. Although the demo isn’t as polished or exciting to look at as the ones above, it is a perfect example of the possibilities. Add a few layers and a little imagination to the demo to create a stunning design.