The 2021 Textie Awards are the newest political award recognizing excellent use of peer-to-peer (P2P) texting in 2020.

Due in large part to the introduction of COVID-19 related disruptions, 2020 became the year of distanced outreach for campaigns across the country. Switching gears from traditional campaigning was tough for many candidates to handle, but it also served as a wake up call for groups to start getting creative with their digital outreach.

The common denominator for successful campaigns last year was their ability to make use of new, innovative technologies such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting. We saw an explosion in the use of P2P texting last year as it quickly became the ideal alternative to in-person efforts like…

Enhanced video texting is the biggest innovation in P2P texting since P2P itself. Read more here:

Our team has always been committed to providing the best possible tools in P2P texting for our clients, and we have delivered on this commitment with our innovative Enhanced Video Texting made possible by our industry-leading video compression technology.

Want to know more about this revolutionary innovation in texting and how it will enhance your outreach? Here are 12 of the top questions asked about Enhanced Video Texting to help you get started:

1) What is Enhanced Video Texting?

If you have ever tried to send a video to a friend who has a different phone platform from you, Apple to Andriod for example, you will…

Our Enhanced Video Texting (EVT) won two Gold Pollies

On Thursday, April 29th a bipartisan panel of judges from the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) announced that we won two Gold Pollie Awards for our Enhanced Video Texting (EVT) entry “Bridging the TV-Texting Divide: Enhanced Multimedia Texting.” Our Gold Pollie Award-winning entry won in two categories: “Best Use of Peer-to-Peer Texting” and “Best Ad Technology Innovation.”

A Gold Pollie is the highest recognition in the political campaign industry. …

The Text Inbox is the Inbox Donors Prefer! So Why Not Start Fundraising with P2P Texting?

Fundraising with P2P
Fundraising with P2P

Fundraising has always been an essential skill to have, and the wide range of tools available to do it well has never been richer. Effectively raising money is a key component in running any successful organization, including charitable, non-profit, religious, and advocacy groups, as well as campaigns, for-profit companies, and individuals.

With the rise of technology changing how we operate, it’s important to tailor your approach towards fundraising to accommodate the new ways people prefer to be reached. …

Election 2020 isn’t over ‘til it’s over!

With national early vote day October 24th having come and gone and election day almost 1 week away, Get-Out-The-Vote is in full swing around the country.

Despite the historic push for mail-in votes, a recent poll by PBS News Hour shows that the majority of voters will still be voting at an early voting location or in-person on election day.

This means it will be absolutely pivotal that your campaign utilizes every channel available to mobilize supporters and get them out to the polls.

Almost all campaigns are familiar with using traditional remote outreach channels such as phone calls, emails…

Utilize this unique environment to connect with your generous supporters using peer-to-peer texting.

As the countdown ticks closer to November 3rd, there have never been more voters engaged in the election process. The upcoming elections are on everyone’s mind as the entire country buzzes around watching debates, submitting mail-in ballots, standing in line at the polls, and getting involved with campaigns by volunteering or donating.

Although many people have cut back their spending due to COVID-related financial strain, nearly 20% of Americans are still planning to donate to a 2020 presidential candidate according to a CNBC and Acorns Invest in You Spending Survey.

While the survey cautions that the actual number of individuals…

Voting has already started. Are you texting yet?

This year has been a challenge for campaigns to navigate through as normal campaign tactics and events have been interrupted across the country. However, many campaigns have been able to adapt and utilize tools such as peer-to-peer (P2P) texting to prompt genuine interactions with voters, rally engagement from their supporters, and most importantly, get out the vote!

Many of our clients have already been using our industry leading, battle-tested platform to send unique GOTV messages that have returned real results.

We have compiled five message examples pulled directly from successful texts our clients have sent to showcase effective GOTV messaging…

The Western wildfires took many people by total surprise, forcing them to evacuate in a haphazard fashion, if they could at all. In the future, at the very least, we should be texting them.

Forecast map for smoke distribution at 1 p.m. MDT 9/17/2020. Source:

The west coast is no stranger to wildfires. Since the 2000s, the United States has had an average of 71,300 fires per year, which is approximately 6.8 million acres burned, with western states facing the largest and most damaging fires.

The current fires demonstrate that trend with a distressingly high magnitude — approximately 5.5 million acres in California, Oregon, and Washington alone have burned so far. The smoke from the fires is so extensive that it spanned the length of our pacific border and has even traveled to Northern Europe.

With so much damage, it’s no surprise that tens of…

Campaigns turn to texting to connect with voters in the age of COVID.

Click here to watch the full segment

On August 30th, RumbleUp founder and CEO Thomas Peters was featured on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace as the Power Player of the Week and discussed how campaigns are turning to text to connect with voters in the age of COVID. Peters begins by explaining that “texting is the new handshake because handshakes are fundamental to the political process,” and with COVID disrupting door to door campaigning, texting is the next best thing.

Campaign texting has exploded since its conception in the 2016 election, and Wallace explains that peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms “like Thomas Peters’ RumbleUp are helping political candidates…

We are thrilled to congratulate our CEO for this recognition of his impressive contributions to the world of political technology.

Source: The New York Times

The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) named our founder and CEO Thomas Peters a 40 Under 40 winner for 2020 in recognition of his outstanding achievements with uCampaign and RumbleUp. Thomas has always said that “when it comes to campaign technology, Democrats invent, and Republicans perfect,” which he has proven with the remarkable success of both his technology companies.

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