Laura Deleruyelle: Nursing with a Doctor of Nursing Practice

Laura Deleruyelle earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Case Western Reserve University.

A DNP degree is an advanced nursing practice degree which focuses on research and evidence-based healthcare practice. The PhD degree in nursing is for those nurses who want to become nurse scientists, and they work mostly in clinical research setting and/or hold university faculty positions and taking on leadership positions. They can either work in research, as a specialized nurse, or as a head nurse in a hospital. Laura Deleruyelle has been able to advance her career as a nurse with this degree.

The DNP degree program allows nurses to specialize in a field of research or health care. They can then work in a hospital, nursing home, physician’s office, health care clinic, research lab or private practice. This degree has given Laura Deleruyelle a useful knowledge base on evidence-based practice.

A nurse who has Doctor of Nursing Practice, like Laura Deleruyelle, knows how to improve care systems in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. This degree teaches them how to provide the best care for patients within a care system that runs smoothly.

The core curriculum in a MSN program involves learning about specialized diagnostics and treatments for illnesses and diseases. In the DNP programs, students are taught leadership skills. They are taught the critical skills needed to translate evidence-based care into practice. They are able to improve systems of healthcare, measure health outcomes of patients, populations and communities. Laura Deleruyelle uses her degree in the field of family practice and Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine.

Nurses, such as Laura Deleruyelle, who earn a DNP are able to work independently or in collaboration with a physician depending on the state in which they are practicing. They are qualified to provide health care in their own private practice.

Nurses who earn an advanced practice degree can become a nurse practitioner, anesthetist, a clinical nurse specialist, or nurse researcher. Nurse practitioners are required to designate a specialty at the start of their programs, such as family practice, women’s health care or acute care, for example. Laura Deleruyelle, along with other advanced practice nurses, can work in several different health care settings in several different capacities.

The DNP program gives nurses, like Laura Deleruyelle, the tools and knowledge they need to become a leading force in the health care system. They are able to develop policies and procedures in a hospital or private practice setting, and they are able to diagnose, treat and educate their patients on preventative health care.

Laura Deleruyelle uses her advanced degree to work independently or in collaboration with a physician depending on the state in which she practices and to teach her patients how to prevent fatal diseases and live a full, healthy lifestyle.