A simple reminder

Sometimes we completely lose perspective. We lose time, ideas, momentum, energy, relationships, and the list continues without end. To be entirely honest, i hate this part.

Yet it’s part of life, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. But i hate it, and that is a VERY strong word (that i don’t use often).

Nobody likes losing, we all prefer to gain. It’s a lot more fun and a lot more rewarding.

But do you remember when you first started to walk?

Probably you didn’t (atleast i don’t), because it’s such a loooong time ago. But let me tell you how it may have happened.

You were crawling the floor and tried to put one foot up, and then your other one. You were standing up fully, put one foot forward and then the next.

It was a miracle, that magical moment where you walked for the first time.

And than, you fell back down :-(

But you got back up :-)

And fell back down :-(

But you kept going, and after a while, you could keep on walking.

And it’s still the exact same today. However the difference — now that we’re older — is that we sometimes we got lost in the failures.

We enlarge them in our head, and we may even start thinking, that because we’re “failing”, we’re actually “failures”.

But guess again — because there is no such a thing.

The only thing that exists are people who TRY.

Try, and try again, until you succeed.

So this is my reminder to you.

Keep at it, keep in mind what you are doing, and just keep going.

NEVER STOP, NEVER give up, and above all, keep trying!

PS: I wrote this post because i needed to remind myself.