Don’t worry…

Every day the media is screaming. And not just for attention (which it dramatically does), but for completely surreal ideals.

They enlarge success and minimize duration. It seems like we can all build a multi-million $$$ business in 30 days (or less). They tell us the beginning of the store and the end, without the context in between.

Even though it may feel like we’re failing when we’re taking it slow, it’s no worry at all…

Actually… It’s really the BEST WAY. Because the ONLY way to make sure you get there is to hustle, and keep hustling.

As long as you are highly motivated, persistent, consistent and add value, you will get there.

So next time you have the media screaming at you (which is like a gazillion times a day), remind yourself that whatever they say doesn’t matter at all.

They are dramatizing content and are hustling just like us, to get that one more subscriber. Every great business had to start small.

So don’t worry and keep grinding. Do as the media does, not as they say.

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