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5 min readFeb 24, 2019

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update on my projects, as I have a “big announcement” for you.

For some of you who follow me for a long time (on my other blog), you know that I was an entrepreneur in the 2000s, and that the idea of ​​retrying the adventure has been in my head for a while. Moreover, I have been working for almost 10 years on various and varied projects (books, video games, applications, LMS platforms, etc …), which even if they have not really emerged, allowed me to stay up-to-date on the technologies of the Net, the Dev. and Online Education, among others. Finally, I had the chance to work in France, Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as some time in Asia and missions in the US, and these experiences have traced the scope of a business around the internet for the essential, in a multi-cultural and multilingual environment.

Also, at the approach of my half-century of existence, I had the opportunity to wipe out all the pitfalls possible and imaginable, as much in the field of my personal finances as in the meanders of any technological company. So I learned from these adventures strong lessons that I intend to use in my next epics.

Another key point of my current project is the realization that creative content alone will not allow me to seal a viable start date. Indeed, waiting for my hypothetical and unfinished books, games, applications and online training to sell, and even if it’s a goal in itself, prevented me until now to decide a specific launch date.

Yet, as I approach the age of fifty, I feel the need to set up milestones now, and not wait another decade or two, because today I have to realize myself, if only to accompany my loved ones, who need my support right away, and not in another half-century …

So to solve the problem, and even if I have to reluctantly resolve, I decided to combine the creative content described above with work convertible in value immediately, ie concretely sell my knowledge — per hour/day, or on project mode, on behalf of clients carefully selected for the content of their projects, as often as possible on ethical and solidarity aspects more than purely pecuniary considerations.

So, if my “works” did not sell as much or as fast as expected, I could secure my “daily bread” — and at least improve the ordinary between today and “D” day — through missions coding, design, cyber-security, “Fintech” or training, all in “face-to-face” or remote, in French or English, in France or elsewhere on the planet.

Save the date !

In addition, to give me specific goals and deadlines, I decided to stop a date far enough to be realistic, but also close enough not to remain wishful thinking. I will therefore celebrate my new entrepreneurial status on September 1, 2019 (6 months from now at the time of writing). It will then be time to resign from a job that, even if it is not as remunerative as I would like, does not remain any less fulfilling and rewarding than others better rewarded with hard and fast arguments. This job also has the merit of being at the heart of this crucial area that is “Fintech”, since nowadays to meet all Internet business and their customers.

Will remain to establish, among other things, the location of my business. At first sight, even if it remains to be refined on the legal, fiscal and financial levels, it is very likely that the first entity will be born in Ireland, to the extent I am currently there, followed by another in France and of a third in a state that I reveal to you in the form of indices below:

  • 9V-SKA
  • Businessman Blues Song (From French Musical “Starmania”)
  • Swimming pool 150 meters long 200 meters from the ground

And regardless of legal, official location, I plan to spend 50% of my time in my hometown, near my kids, my family and friends, and 50% within a 2,000km radius around the given city enigma above.

Then, of course, it remains to evaluate the risks of failure (or with my eternal optimism should I rather say “the chances of success”) of this company.

The weak spots:

  • My age unreasonably advanced for this kind of project
  • Strong involvement in my current job leaving me little free time
  • My propensity to work on too many projects at once
  • My never-ending need for exhaustive knowledge before taking action

The strong points:

  • 35 years of “digital” in a broad sense (first line of code written in 1985!)
  • Knowledge — to have worked there — of small companies but also of multinationals of the sector, and their customers
  • Experience abroad (5+ years, counting in progress)
  • English proficiency
  • Master in Cyber ​​Security, Master in Project Management
  • Sense of customer relationship, sales and technical support.

Here is to remain synthetic the outline of my project. The most difficult challenge will be as usual to make my loved ones adhere to this adventure, this “Grail” for another half-century, this condenser of intensity for my existence, this “Dream Job” in short, since — I guess already — these last ones (my relatives therefore) will pretend to fall from high to the announcement of this new challenge which I inflict myself, whereas they do not know however too well with which bitch they have dealt for all this time! (Laughter)

To you my dear ones, but also to all of you, the others of my readers who would not be in the first circle, I would like to say in conclusion that as always I will advance by small touches, but that you will be able to follow my peregrinations on my online content, whether on Instagram, Twitter, soon Youtube, this blog and his cousin, or my podcast on Soundclound to name only the main ones.

You will also find almost all my public contents in direct links on the following page: Online Presence

Of course do not hesitate to share, “like”, and comment, and I still have to tell you soon for the future.

Take Care.