UrbanAMA Guide To Hosting An AMA

Ask Me Anything. On Video. Or Over Twitter.

Getting Started

  1. Get the app! It is currently on the iPhone only (sorry Android users!).
  2. Login using Twitter to maximize your visibility. You can always use the app without Twitter if you prefer that.
  3. Provide location permissions so you can maximize interactions with people in your area and follow AMAs in your area. We DO NOT reveal your precise location on the app.
  4. Provide your real name and choose 3 or more topics of interest. That’s it!

Host an AMA!

  1. Touch the camera icon on the bottom tab to get started. Provide camera, photos and microphone permissions to be able to record videos.
  2. Touch and hold the center camera shutter icon (it has your profile photo in it) to record a video. To start off an AMA, record an intro video.
  3. Add a title to your AMA. Add any text or stickers to your video.
  4. Set a hashtag and share to Twitter to get questions from Twitter.
  5. That’s it! Your AMA is live at this point.

A note about hashtags: Stay away from popular hashtags to avoid being trolled on. Choose a hashtag relevant to your AMA to get better questions.

Respond & Discuss!

  1. If you are hosting an AMA, provide notification permissions so you know when others add questions/posts to your AMA.
  2. On any post, double tap to respond.
  3. Swipe up to see responses and swipe right/left to see more questions.
  4. Swipe up with two fingers to upvote any post. Swipe down with two fingers to downvote.

A note about downvoting: Do not downvote if you simply disagree with the post. Downvote posts only if you think they are offensive or inappropriate.

Pro Tips

  1. Deep like a post by touching and holding on it — draw patterns to see hearts flying by!
  2. While editing a post, to change font on text you are typing, touch the ‘T’ text icon and drag down.

Go ahead. Host your AMA today. Follow AMA highlights on the UrbanAMA publication.