I Am No Longer Surprised That America Elected Trump.
Vidya Narayanan

Vidya Narayanan Your observation about “someone we know” or even “someone we are” is thought provoking.

Is this really Trump’s America? If so, did we all change as soon as President Obama left office? Nah. Trump inspired just enough Americans in the right states to vote for him because ‘only he can make their lives better’ and they responded. We share the country with people who are easily fooled, and we are too scared to attempt to amend the constitution, and so we must suffer this administration.

As to the SV scandals, such misbehaviors and criminal activities have been going on in many shapes and forms in all walks of life (from comedy circuits to Fox News). We are finally willing to see them for what they are and willing to say that we won’t tolerate that behavior. We admire success and successful people too much, and so we suffer.

Always speak truth to power.

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