Most people don’t want to change. They’ve reached a certain position in their health, finances, relationships, spirituality — and plateau’d. They’ve become content and satisfied. Or, they’ve at least found comfort and justification by comparing their situation with people they perceive as worse-off than them.
Are You Plateau’d Without Realizing It?
Benjamin P. Hardy

Good explanation of what I see around and also nice description of what I’ve been before.
I think we live in a society that educates us to think in terms of “reaching a point” rather than “transform through a continuous path”.
We are taught to think in terms of milestones imposed by culture, by our “elites”, friends, family and so on. So we need to compare ourselves to see where are we on that schedule.

And when we think we’ve reached “the milestone”, the final one, we expect everything to be that way forever.

We neglect we live in a world and in a universe that changes costantly. And we forget we are made out of that same changing matter. We need change, we do change but we refuse it to the same way as we would do it with plague.

We make plans, we procrastinate our joy to live in the present to the moment of the milestone and we ignore we could never reach that in our life.

What are we fighting for? What are we fighting against?

There is no point to fight against change because it’s part of us.
Our society must teach us this early in school: we should always seek for change, ride it and learn to keep balance.