[Advertisement] Getting started to know the terms

Big companies make money by serving people advertisements, in Yahoo we server to our 145M+ daily users. There are the forms of advertisement companies do in general.

Advertisement Forms

1. Search: most common ones, a bunch of text that entice users to click.

2. Display: rich media format, such as a picture.

3. Video: Ads that served in the videos, intrusive. Yahoo Videos, Youtube, or Vimeo.

4. Native: Blend in to the main content make users intentional to click, then make users mad after clicked as they felt they were fooled to click. Its usually happens when the content is good at blend in, but not at fit in.

5. Premium: Think as headline in a newspaper, mainly for raising awareness. For example, CocaCola, Delta Airlines or Credit Card.

6. Mobile: Pop up during games and stuff

Ads in Games

AD eco-system

^ Photo Credit: cloudbante


Ad exchange serves as the programmatically bidding place that help Advertiser to get more channels and minimize the cost of each click, and help the publisher to maximize the number of displays and each display price. Right now, we have DoubleClick (Google) and BrightRoll (Yahoo) and others.

Some terms you need to understand for online marketing.

Impression: Advertisement display

CPM: Cost Per 1000 Impressions

CPC: Cost Per Click

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition,

ROI: Return on Investment

CTR: Click Through Rate

PPC: Pay Per Click

Ad Group: Select a group of locations, zip code, keywords, devices, and languages. Trigger Ad display when these criteria occur.

Campaign: Make a list of AD group for . Example, Target want to increase selling on Diapers for quarter 2. (Silly but real)

Targeting: self explanatory, launch a campaign to targeted user groups.

Re-targeting: Think as searching on Amazon for diapers, then it shows bunch of relevant Ads, like Formula, Baby Lotions. In short, up-selling other similar products. It is used for targeting people who has visited ones’ websites before.

Pixel (beacon): a tiny image used to track Ad display.

Bid: number of $ you could afford to buy for an ad display. For example, both Toyota and Ford want to display their 2017 new car models, we only display whichever the higher bid of these two to maximize profit.

Segment: A category, like Device or Day of the week. Some kind of tangible break downs for Campaign.

Rule: a condition that apply to an ad group. For example: only show Rolex for people who have annual income greater than $150K.

Columns: characteristics of campaigns. For example: clicks, cost, and conversions.

Reach: Number of users can be influenced.

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