I was wrapping up my Uber-ing for the day (Rhonda works on Saturdays so I cook dinner) and I had been thinking about breakfast for dinner all morning. Pancakes and bacon or sausage. I was reaching for the phone to ask her if that sounded good, when it buzzed. Rhonda’s text said,

Not that I’m craving it, but it would be something different…How about pancakes or waffles and sausage links for dinner?

Spooky stuff happens when you’ve been together for 30 years.

It’s 5 hours later, and I’m getting ice out of the freezer. I see something that seems odd so I grab it.

This piece of chocolate is 31 years old. It was a radio promo for a group called Restless Heart.

In late 1986, I was the morning personality at KRST in Albuquerque when the song was popular. Coincidentally, I had just met my wife, Rhonda. I’ll Still Be loving You was “our song”. When this chocolate promo item came to the radio station, I scooped it up. We have kept it in a freezer since then.

We were married 4/18/1987. Thirty years now. It hasn’t been easy, the last couple of years especially. But she’s always been there. Doing her best. The best mom. The best family doctor. The best worrier. The best daughter… The best wife and partner. I love her.

The lyrics are true for me.

When today is just a memory to me, I’ll still be loving you.