Mother Teresa’s Sainthood is a Fraud, Just Like She Was.
Kitty Wenham

I’ll tell you what’s a lie — that article: “[W]hen Mother Teresa died in Kolkata few people — rich or poor — came to visit her body… Only around 100 non-missionaries or government officials attended her state led funeral”.

LATimes: “Thousands lined up until the last minute … for a chance to see and touch her glass coffin. Police turned away hundreds who came too late… Among the hundreds of thousands who came to pay respects to Mother Teresa…”

WashPo: “Thousands lined the streets to watch red-turbaned soldiers escort Mother Teresa’s body from the city’s oldest Catholic church — where several hundred thousand mourners have filed past her bier to pay their respects during the last six days.”

The Telegraph of Calcutta: “The participation of ordinary people in today’s procession reminded several Calcuttans of the last journeys of Mother Teresa and Satyajit Ray, which had also drawn lakhs (100,000s) of people.” (too lazy to link, use google.)

More broadly, yes, many of Mother Teresa’s views make little sense if you don’t share her religious beliefs (like Mahatma Gandhi, who thought the Jews of Germany should commit collective suicide to “rouse the world’s conscience” against Hitler).

Yes, white (and yellow, and black, and brown for that matter) people a long way from Calcutta and who know very little about her imagine her as a flawless saint (just like Gandhi).

Yes, many Indians were against her proselytization (although many Indian Catholics would disagree — how dare this privileged white person Kitty Denham erase them!) — but this ignorant, arrogant article just patronizes Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, Sikhs, Jains and other Indians as somehow duped into glorifying “white supremacy and colonialist guilt”.

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