Maybe it’s time for privacy conscientious Windows 10 users to consider another operating system. Linux? MacOs?

The EFF blasts Microsoft over Windows 10 privacy concerns

August 17, 2016 | By Amul Kalia

Here’s who the Electronic Frontier Foundation is just in case you’re not familiar with who they are:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.

The EFF has accused Microsoft, in a harsh editorial, of ignoring user privacy and chose. In this editorial the EFF is pleading the case for Windows 10 users for choice and privacy.

Microsoft should come clean with its user community. The company needs to acknowledge its missteps and offer real, meaningful opt-outs to the users who want them, preferably in a single unified screen. It also needs to be straightforward in separating security updates from operating system upgrades going forward, and not try to bypass user choice and privacy expectations.
Otherwise it will face backlash in the form of individual lawsuits, state attorney general investigations, and government investigations.
We at EFF have heard from many users who have asked us to take action, and we urge Microsoft to listen to these concerns and incorporate this feedback into the next release of its operating system. Otherwise, Microsoft may find that it has inadvertently discovered just how far it can push its users before they abandon a once-trusted company for a better, more privacy-protective solution.