7 Reasons Why American Football Players Should Take Ballet Classes

The movie The Game Plan shows us American football players practising ballet and it makes them look ridiculous. But what if I told you that ballet actually has a lot of advantages for American football players? Wait, what?! Yes, I know that it sounds laughable but I will take you through the reasons that prove the usefulness of ballet for American football players.

1. Flexibility

First of all, it is known that football players are pussies and that they have the tendency to overreact 99% of the time. However, the other 1% of the time, there is that possibility that they are hurt and have an injury. These injuries can be caused by the lack of flexibility. This is an area where ballet can help. During a ballet session, a lot of muscles (some of which you didn’t even know exist) are trained and training these muscles can have a positive impact on the flexibility of football players.

2. Distraction

We all know that the life of a famous football player can be tough due to the pressure of the sport, the fame and the money, and that we need to support them. However American football players can help themselves without bothering other people.

There is a Dutch proverb, literally translated, claiming: “If everyone thinks about themselves, everyone is thought about.”

Since no one wants to hear their problems, football players should take ballet classes. It is an activity where fun and concentration is combined and whereby football players don’t have to think about their hard, hard life..

3. Speed

Part of the act of being an American football player is that they pretend to run a lot and seem to feel like they need to make as many tackles and touchdowns as possible. Ballet makes the knees, ankles and legs stronger and is an effective way to train for quick foot movement. This is good for the overall performance of American football players because they can make as many different moves and turns needed to perform at their best. No kidding, ballet can improve the overall movement speed (as well as the one in the bedroom, ladies).

4. Full Body Workout

We associate American football players with hot guys with six packs running around in short shorts. Football players need to be fit and active in the field. I can imagine that playing football 5 days a week can get rather boring after a while. Ballet can be a very useful tool to keep them in shape and their six packs and hot bodies on fleek. Without too much effort your whole body and all your muscles will be trained.

5. Balance

On a more serious note, we can be a 100% sure that balance is an essential for football players. Of course, they need to make tackles and touchdowns but balance is needed to win duels, to catch the ball and to stay standing on both legs and feet if an opponent tries to steal the ball.

6. Discipline

Ballet is all about discipline. You have to push yourself until the very limit and go beyond. Ballet is a sport that requires a lot of practice and repeating. This is important with football as well. A lot of discipline is required if a football player doesn’t want to turn into a man who overreacts 99% of the time. It is hard and it takes a lot of effort and pain, but it builds you into a person who isn’t willing to quit.

7. Humbling

Finally, American football players are considered masculine and bad-ass guys, and sometimes they might end up with a teenytiny amount of pee in their head. Doing something as out of the box as ballet, will bring their heads out of the clouds and remind them about the things that make them the best versions of themselves.

BOOM. There you go. Guaranteed success for the teams. Thank me later, mates.