About being calm

One of these days I was reading an article about how bilingual people tend to be more comprehensive about other people’s problems. This happens because of the area in the brain that is responsible for the other language. It stimulates the brain to understand and comprehend more about the differences in different cultures. And this helps to improve the ability to understand different circumstances.

So I thought about that and I’ve decided that this is a good space and opportunity to practice my english and develop this ability in myself.

This is a personal space that first I intended to write about my opinion on things. But I don’t know if I’ll have the patience for that so I’ll just write about whatever I want and I’ll write it in english so it will help to improve my grammar as well.

I’ve started the week with a really bad mood. When that happens I get really annoyed with practically everything. Mostly with people shouting and being jerks.

That is…more impatient than usual, because this is a recurrent situation :)

So I’ve developed a system. And I’ve wanted to share it with you.

That’s my secret to be the most patient person on earth. I hope it works on you guys.

First: You need to let the anger out. So I highly recommend that you listen to some death metal. AT LEAST once a week. Something really raw, you know. When choosing, I always choose the band for the cover of the album. In my experience I’ve found that this proves to be a really effective process. In doubt, go for something nordic or german. In the process you can also make some guttural sounds as well. Nobody will judge you (If you do it in private, haha) Just your dog. But don’t mind it. It loves you unconditionally. :)

Second: Now you’ll go for something more hipster. Because the melody is always kind of crazy and it makes you fell like you’re not really here. Like you’re dreaming or something. So it will make you feel numb. Just lay down with your eyes closed, or clean the house in the process. Doesn’t matter as long as you feel numb.

Third: Now that you feel numbed you just need some Elliott Smith or something generic in that way that will make you feel depressed. But careful, here’s a dangerous step. Don’t do this step if you’re not used to feel like crap constantly. This step is just to clean the remanences of anger that could still be there. But there’s a long path until you turn yourself into a “music sommelier”, so don’t be pretentious. Listen to me, I know what I’m talking about…(I’ve been pretentious before and well…no good can come from this, I assure you.). But if you DO feel like crap all the time then you’re ready for this step without any collateral damage. When you’re able to do this step you’re gonna be able to get in touch with yourself in a deeper way. And it’s awesome.

Fourth: You need to get away from the depressed state that you’re in. So only one type of music can definitely pull you up from that. And that’s Bossa Nova. A brazilian genre of music that was developed and popularized in the 1950's and 1960's. One of my favorite’s interpreters is João Gilberto. Personally I think he’s voice is like a kiss on the forehead that says: “Everything will be ok, darling.” or a really strong hug that makes you feel safe. Well, that depends on your taste on music, so, here’s what makes ME feel good.

So…I hope that works for you when you feel like you wanna kill all the human race. :)

Leave your comment and tell me if you have other ways of making yourself calm. Or if my way was effective on you. Or whatever you want, haha.