Coming into light

The white glow of the screen lights up the corner of the bedroom. My fingers rest on the ‘space’ key, and I throw my head back on the pillow, looking up. Looking for the right words.

I’ve been here for hours. Time seems to pass too quickly for everyone else, connected at all times, typing in an uninterrupted flow of words which I’m not able to follow.

I look at the night sky and I know past and future are happening right now. Everything is moving at thousands, millions of kilometers per second, yet — it all seems so still from here. Our entire existence is but a moment in the fabric of time, so brief we could be infinite — why am I worrying about time, again?

I turn back to the screen. I savor the moment. Letting each word almost make its way out, then going for the next, and when the flavor feels right, that’s the word I choose.

I’ll take my time.

Originally published on Jun 19th, 2017

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