Client & Case:

UBS is the world’s largest wealth management firm, providing comprehensive financial services to top-caliber, ultra-high-net-worth clients all around the world. UBS came to us in 2015 with a clear mission — to help them build stronger relationships with their female clients. The idea was to achieve this via a bespoke event platform that would provide a space for community building, an annual gathering where UBS clients from across the globe could come together, make new connections, and hear from a selection of inspiring speakers.

Specialized and customer oriented red onion strategy:


INSPIRATION & NETWORKING for the company, from leaders to employees as well as the companies’ clients

CONTINUITY: The event series has continued to be held annually in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and the success of this collaboration led to a long and fruitful relationship between red onion and UBS.

COMMUNICATIONS: A lasting impact on the communications strategy of UBS as a whole.



Consultancy for what’s ahead.

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