The role of Creatives on web3

Lea Arafah - لياعرفة
1 min readAug 15, 2022


Second thoughts

My first degree was Gastronomy, a good choice for one that wants to work this arts :D

The Cooking School was very poor in theory, and completely market oriented. So my main research was outside the Lab kitchen, but on the streets, on the road!

My main inspiration, from what i learned there, was this eccentric Spanish artist chef, that claims that Amazonian food is the last frontier of Gastronomy, that cooking is thinking and inventing, and also close his 5 stars restaurant in it’s climax, just because his mission was already made — re-invent the Occidental cuisine to its ground zero — MOLECULAR cuisine as the dead-end of the Tradition ? maybe not !

Let him speack from its on:

My question here is how can we relate this explanation to the role of Creatives in the web3 present moment.

Keep questioning …

Ferran Adrià shows vision of how small Avant-guard Kitchen is comparing to the all the rest of the world’s kitchens. The importance of ‘creatives’ is like the seeds we throw away

Let´s feed our Creativity and inventive spirit with Ferran Adrià’s words, but dont forget, we are just a small seed on the web3 fields.



Lea Arafah - لياعرفة

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