Sexual harassement in Hollywood is a vast topic, but the majority of the articles “just” denounced harassers as more cases arrive.

To have an overview of the general situation, it is important to have data of all the sexual harassement cases.

Izabella Zimirowicz and I published this story earlier in May, find it here!

The data: Excel better be your best friend…

Lists of accused already exist (made by TIME and Vox), and are regularly updated. So a good way to have a relevant data is to use changedetection, a tool which alerts you if some webpages have been updated.

From then, create an excel document and scrape…

Whereas a lot of new issues may occur for the NHS after the UK leaves the European Union, it appears that the relation between the two is not as direct. David Hearne, from the Center of Brexit Studies, tells us more in the video below.

4 facts about Brexit and the NHS


In 2014, only £248 million a week was estimated to be paid to the EU. However, this estimate does not include the rebate, paid back in different sectors such as agriculture.

Moreover, the UK is the country that gives the fewest contributions to the European Union; indeed, every country is supposed to pay 1%…

Tonight the long-awaited Marvel movie Black Panther is officially released in the UK, and as the first all-black superhero movie, it must respond to a high deal of fans expectations. And even before the official release, the premiere in Los Angeles on the 30th of January ticked a few boxes in this regard. Indeed, the actors outfits has created a huge fashion momentum because of their originality.
But beyond cool gowns and suits, what really happened there?

Every movie premiere, it’s the same story: model-like actresses wearing the most extravagant gowns for five minutes on the red carpet, just to…

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It is one of these stories that you don’t remember on TV; a burglary that does not end up very well, so common now that they vanished in the quick feed of the news, one after the other.

But by treating it from a personal and human point of view, the New York Times managed to create enough immersion and even compassion to the character, even if he’s a criminal, and by the time you finish the article, you’re in shock. Is there a magic recipe ? Let’s found out.

This article counts 4000 words, categorising it as immersive piece

Step by step, Youtube is replacing the traditional TV medium; from news to entertainment, no genre is spared, especially not the documentaries.

Indeed, documentaries are more and more popular on the platform, and offer the possibility to change the rules.

To illustrate that, let’s focus on the It’s History channel (Do I really need to explain what it is about?), but more specifically the History of Pirates playlist.

This series is divided in 12 thematic episodes, about 8 minutes long each.

I think this short format is really clever, because the light format offers the possibility to learn things…

Amazon and Warner Bros are negotiating with the Tolkien Estate to produce a new series based on the Lord of the Rings.

The overall cost is estimated between 300 and 400 millions dollars. But between 200 and 250 million dollars would have to be paid before any production, just so Amazon and Warner Bros could get the rights to adapt the books.

In comparison, the whole Peter Jackson trilogy cost 42% less to produce, the movies estimated at 281 million dollars altogether.

Even if the series would be adapted from the books, the fans are not really keen on…

140 characters, a good mystery, you’ve got yourself a tweet

If your first reaction to this tweet is “what ?”, thanks, I feel less alone.
Despite its peculiar aspect, this. is a great example of storytelling.

The Captain Hook strategy

This tweet uses a variant of the Action, Hook and Resolution strategy, a.k.a the “Subject, Hook, and Resolution”, which works because the article is about introducing characters we don’t know.

Subject: the band, “Kelora”
Hook: series of adjectives, “medieval futurist, nu-celtic folk band”
Resolution: “You never thought you needed”

Although this last part could be considered clickbait, it works because of the interaction with the reader.

The mystery is hard to define

Under what seems to be a “weird”…

This youtube video is made by i-D, a fashion and cultural online magazine embracing deviant and counter-cultures, defining itself as “a global platform for emerging talent, i-D celebrates fashion, culture, individuality and youth.”

The video is part of a series called “Beyond beauty”, presented by Grace Neutral, a british tattoo artist who as gone through a lot of body modification and has a very peculiar type of beauty (no belly button, artistic scars, fully tattooed body…)- and is often referred as “the alien princess”.

Through this series, Grace takes us to different countries to try to understand the different…

Léa Nakache

Journalist videographer, producing for different publications, including Birmingham Eastside, Birmingham Live, Wales Online and Hull Live.

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