Don’t Go All Lobster This Summer!

Hear me out and save yourself from the biggest summer vice you could possibly commit.

With summer right around the corner, we all have one goal in front of our eager eyes: getting a sexy, bronzy tan.

Friends, I feel you. Personally, I get close to translucent over the winter months, and it takes me way more than just a beach visit to recover from this misery.

A choco-teint comes with more than just a day spend in the sun.
Like with many other pleasures in life, safety must come first.
In this case, I’m talking about the necessity of using sun and UV- protection.

I know, this topic still is, especially among men, unknown territory. I’m dating a really masculine guy myself, believe me, the struggle is real.

However, this must change, and here’s why.

No Chance for them Sunburns
As mentioned before, you don’t want to go all lobster this upcoming summer.

Not only is a sunburn extremely painful and damaging to your skin, it also stops you from your #1 summer goal: looking sexy af.

No More Tick-Tock
Did you know that up to 80% of skin aging is caused by sun and UV exposure? Furthermore, studies have shown that participants who used sunscreen frequently had a 24% lesser chance of developing aging signs compared to their non-sunscreen-using peers.

So, there it is. Your Chance! Grab it while you can!

Skin Cancer Sucks
Health is such a precious gift, so value it right now!
By using sunscreen, especially on a daily basis, you can decrease your skin cancer risk by up to 87%.

Take care of yourself, no further explanations needed.

Everybody Loves a Good Back-rub
You seek for a successful pick up line that isn’t outdated or cheesy? Look no further! Go out there and offer your babe a sunscreen-applying-back-massage and proof that there is a soft core to your hard shell.

It’s needless to say that my girls out there can pull this off just as much as my males.

Self-care is Sexy
It’s no secret that people who value self-care appear more attractive to us. And let’s be real, don’t you desire a healthy, clean skin as well?

There is no easier way for you to gain this advantage than by simply applying sunscreen to your face.

All ’em hotties be crazy for you!

No More Oily Messes
When it comes to using sunscreen on the face, people tend to be hesitant and biased; you expect it to make your face more acne prone or greasy looking, right? 
Let me tell you, none of this is true.

When you use SPF, essential skin proteins are being protected, leading your skin to be radiant. Oily sunscreens were reformulated long time ago, nowadays they meet your skin’s needs better than ever.

Want to hear my personal recommendations?
For myself I love these sunscreens by Missha and NeoStrata. Both are lightweight and don’t leave a white film on my skin.

My boyfriend refuses to use anything besides Clinique’s SPF, that says it all.

If you want to have a look for yourself, look no further than on, these guys are real experts.

Lastly, remember that UV rays, especially the ones that make you age, are out there even when the sun isn’t.

This is why I am a firm believer in wearing UV-protection on exposed skin like face or hands, 365 days a year. This might seem a bit drastic to you, but with your newly gathered knowledge you might understand my extremism, and decide to follow my lead?

Also remember to wear sunscreen not only when at the beach. During sports or a bike ride the sun can get just as intense and dangerous.

My friends, there is only one thing left for me to say at this point:

Enjoy the upcoming season and stay safe!