LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne
2 min readMar 14, 2023

Our LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne office offers a residential property conveyance service in Melbourne and the Greater Melbourne region for a fixed price.

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne

Why LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne?

Your offer for the property has just been accepted. The agent sends you a copy of the Contract of Sale and Section 32. So what’s next?

You will need to have that contract and Section 32 review for you before you sign or move forward. With that, you will need to find a reputable legal representation and conveyancing service. But what should you really look for in a firm? Here’s a checklist you may want to start working with.

  • Find a company that has a fixed price for their professional or legal fee.
  • Choose someone who quotes with a breakdown of costs.
  • Go with a lawyer or solicitor rather than just a conveyancer.

There are firms, especially big law firms, who still charge by the hour or per call. This will be too expensive and unnecessary. Nowadays, you can already get a lawyer or solicitor that offers their services at a fixed price. Next, when you ask for a quote, you should expect one with a complete breakdown of all costs involved and all figures you’ll be seeing in your invoice. There are some who will entice you with a seemingly competitive price but will not tell you about other costs until they send you the bill. Lastly, going with a property lawyer or solicitor is always worth the extra buck. A conveyancer may be cheaper by a couple of hundred dollars but won’t give you that peace of mind.

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