Social Media and the Military Leader
Gary Klein

Gary has a great post here. Here’s a few musings:

  1. Social Media quickly flattens institutions. One only has to watch COL Ross Coffman’s digital LPD programs on YouTube to see how social media shortens the distance between leader and led.
  2. The biggest concern involves OPSEC, not just from a perspective of saying too much but from exposing families and friends to vulnerabilities. There have been enough threats on families and though they have gone predominantly unfounded or not acted upon, my underlying concern is that one day that will end.
  3. Peers and subordinates primarily. I don’t think social media is a great way to influence senior leaders. Social media may cue them but most want an explanation that requires more than sound bites and social media bullets.
  4. I’ve used nearly every social media platform with varying results:

o Twitter is my favorite for quick news and banter.

o Facebook is not a great medium for fostering constructive dialog. Facebook arguments are like being downtown after midnight — nothing good or productive happens there. I use this for keeping in contact with family and friends. Not much else (except for Doctrine Man… the exception to the rule).

o Snapchat and Instagram — I have yet to see a great application of these that benefits professional development.

o YouTube, accompanied by Twitter, provide excellent vehicles to connecting with others.

o Medium is the most user-friendly blog site I’ve seen and the only one I’ve stuck with.

I’m likely too old now to think of many others of benefit. My kids would say so.