The 1 Thing That Successful Leaders Choose To Do [video]

Nothing excites me more than bringing you foundational research that has been tested and proves that great leaders are not born (well they don’t have to be), they can simply have learned the skills to succeed. In this video I discuss the great research that has been compiled over 10 years about the most successful CEOs on the planet. There’s 4 key behaviors that these rockstar CEOs do that you and I can learn from and immediately apply to our lives! So watch the video and find out about the 1 thing that successful CEOs decide to do!

That’s right, THEY DECIDE! In addition, what’s even more amazing about this study is that the top leaders don’t posess any of these skills or talents we normally think of when we think of the best CEOs.

3 Myths About The Most Successful CEOs

  • They Weren’t The Smartest
  • They weren’t most educated
  • They weren’t the most charismatic.

Isn’t that exciting? There’s hope for you and I to be better leaders.

This was part of a 4 part series (ongoing at the time of writing) found originally on This also included a download for the 7 Steps to Effective Decision Making.