31 Shocking Sales Statistics that will Change the Way you Sell

Calling Sales Statistics

1. Nearly 100% of customer interactions happen on the phone. — Salesforce

2. 3 out of 4 managers will take action from a cold call or email alone. — DiscoverOrg

3. 85% of potential customers are not satisfied with their experience over the phone. — Salesforce

4. Five years ago, the average voicemail response rate was approximately 5%, and it’s falling. — InsideSales

5. 15% of the time sales reps spend at work is leaving voicemails. — Ringlead

6. Sales reps make about 52 calls each day. — The Bridge Group

7. Leads are 100x more likely to answer the phone if you call within 5 minutes of them submitting a web form. — InsideSales

8. Approximately 40% of sales reps don’t feel prepared for their calls. — Lattice Engine

Important: The follow-up — P.S. it matters. A lot.

9. 92% of salespeople quit after they are told “no” four times by prospect; however, 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes”. — Marketing Donut

10. It will take at least 5 additional calls to close 8 out of every 10 deals. — Scripted

11. It takes an average of 8 calls to get in touch with a prospect following the initial contact. — Telenet and Ovation Sales Group

12. Nearly half of all salespeople give up after the first follow-up call. — Scripted

Email Sales Statistics

13. Email is 40 times more effective at reaching new customers than social media giants, combined. — McKinsey

14. Marketing through the use of email has twice the Return On Investment of cold calls. — MarketingSherpa

15. More than one-third of email recipients use the subject line alone to determine if they will open the email. — Convince and Convert

16. Almost half of prospects contacted via email will mark it as spam. — Convince and Convert

17. 35% of your prospects will access their emails on their phone. — Convince and Convert

18. Use your recipient’s name in the subject line and they will be more likely to open your email. — Retention Science

19. Using dry language in your subject line means the recipient is less likely to open the email. — Adestra, 2013

20. The best time to email prospects is during regular business hours. — GetResponse

Productivity Sales Statistics

21. Lost productivity and poorly managed leads cost companies at least $1 trillion every year. — CMO Council

22. Almost half of all sales reps will take nearly a year to become productive enough to meet company goals. — Accenture

23. 50% of B2B companies see generating high quality, sales ready leads as a challenge for 2018 — LeadForensics

24. Top-performing companies are twice as likely to have automated their sales processes. — Velocify

25. Half of all sales time is spent on ineffective prospecting. — The B2B Lead

26. Sales reps who use social media in their sales are 50% more likely to meet or exceed their goals. — InsideSales

27. 60% of sales reps meet their sales goals. — CSO Insights

28. Almost 90% of workers are not actively engaged in their jobs. — Gallup

Miscellaneous Sales Stats

29. Increasing client retention by as little as 5% can boost profits by as much as 95%. — Bain & Company

30. 50% of websites get only 15 seconds of attention. — MarketingProfs

31. 8 out of 10 potential clients can be reached via social media. — Sergey Gusarov

The Data Doesn’t Lie

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*NEW* Email Prospecting Software to send targeted one-to-one cold emails that are easy to automate. Get started Free: http://leadfuze.com

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