In Loving Memory: How Cremation Diamonds Help Us Honor Loved Ones

The death of a loved one is always difficult, and those of us left behind look for ways to ease the loss. We save photos and keepsakes, set aside burial plots, and spread ashes in favorite locations. People searching for a unique way to remember the dead now have an especially radiant — if nontraditional — choice: turning the ashes of their late loved one into a diamond

Eternal love, Cherished Forever

This alternative to traditional memorials combines the sacred physicality of a burial site with the beauty of an heirloom. EverDear & Co., based in the US, specializes in the delicate task of transforming human cremation ashes into “memorial diamonds.”

Ashes make a surprisingly good base material for the creation of a diamond, and the process results in a gem which boasts the same sparkling clarity of its natural-born neighbors. EverDear & Co. hopes that the high quality of its lab-created memorial diamonds will inspire people who may be looking for an alternative to traditional burial or cremation.

To understand memorial diamonds, we first go back a billion years, to their more commonplace, earth-born cousins.

What is a diamond?

A natural diamond forms deep underground, compressed and superheated. All of the earth’s diamonds are believed to originate from a hundred miles deep, in the mantle. Eruptions of volcanoes, at incredible depths, bring the minerals near the surface, from which they are mined.

Diamonds have been treasured for thousands of years. The first records of diamonds come from 4th century BC India, and the stones were transported along the Silk Road to China, where their strength was utilized for engraving. In the Dark Ages, diamonds were believed to have healing powers.

How are memorial diamonds made?

Because of the relatively high amount of carbon which exists in the human body, cremated remains make a perfect raw material for the creation of a diamond. By carefully extracting the carbon from the deceased’s ashes, then superheating them — under extreme pressure — to a temperature of between 2,000 and 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, scientists can create diamonds with less variation, more perfection, than anything available in nature.

A Symbol of Remembrance

Diamonds are prized for their rarity and are considered valuable stones. Because they mean different things to different people, diamonds are used in all sorts of jewelry, but they traditionally honor a relationship or union. For some, they are given as anniversary gifts. EverDear & Co. reimagines tradition with their memorial diamonds. Creating diamonds from ashes essentially turns a loss into a beautiful remembrance, keeping someone’s loved one near to them forever.

From Ashes, a Diamond is born

No two diamonds are exactly alike — each is unique, just like the person it came from. The memorial diamonds can be created in a variety of colors and sizes. EverDear & Co.’s clients select the hue they prefer — blueish, yellowish or golden, or crystal-clear and colorless. The cremation diamonds themselves come in different sizes — from 0.05 Carats all the way up to 0.5 Carats. And at a mere USD $645, the service boasts a low starting rate. EverDear & Co. acknowledges that funeral costs are rising, and hope the creation of a memorial diamond should be affordable to anyone hoping to preserve the physical presence of a lost loved one.

Some people display their memorial diamond loose; others have it mounted in jewelry. EverDear & Co. offers their own line of pendants, rings, and other pieces, ensuring clients that their professional artisans set the diamonds with exceptional skill and care. Customers receive a ready-to-wear piece of handcrafted jewelry, forever home to the cremation diamond itself.

Cremation Diamonds: Works of Art

EverDear & Co. has perfected the unique craft of turning funeral ashes to stunning diamonds. Their diamonds are carefully graded using the international standard, the “Four Cs”: 1) Color, 2) Clarity, 3) Cut, and 4) Carat. The memorial diamonds are naturally hued a subtle gold, due to the natural presence of certain elements in the human body. During the diamond creation process, scientists at EverDear & Co. can tilt the elemental balance based on a client’s preferences, resulting in a blue, golden-yellow, or clear gemstone. The intensity of the diamond’s hue comes from the amount of carbon in an individual’s ashes.

Life is made of Loving Memories

A memorial diamond is comprised of the cremation ashes of the departed — the carbon element, remnants of a lock of hair. Like naturally-formed diamonds, a cremation diamond from EverDear & Co. has natural variations. But the laboratory process at EverDear & Co. eliminates most variables, using scientific and gemological innovations to achieve optimal clarity and color. The internationally-recognized clarity grading system measures minute “inclusions” within the diamond, including carbon needles, pinpoints, knots, and clouds. A memorial diamond may include a slight degree of natural substances and elemental variations, and most diamonds from EverDear & Co. are graded “VS” or “VVS” (Very Slightly Included, or Very, Very Slightly Included, meaning any existing internal inclusions cannot be perceived without magnification).

Each EverDear & Co. diamond arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, which ranks the diamond using the Four Cs. Diamonds can also be certified independently, with the nationally-autonomous Gemological Institute of America, and its international affiliate, the International Gemological Institute.

Be together in Everlasting Union, a diamond made of love

Human nature is to honor and remember the past — entire cultures have risen around the reverence of ancestral knowledge and the ancestors themselves. The desire to hold onto love even after death is a natural part of grieving. Through the creation of memorial diamonds, EverDear & Co. hopes to gives clients the chance to gracefully memorialize their late loved ones.

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