The Survey of Australian Leadership

SAL is the first major leadership study since 1991, when the Australian Government commissioned a report into the quality of leadership and management in Australian businesses. Chaired by David Karpin, the commissioned Taskforce presented its final report to government in 1995. Although SAL takes a different approach to evidence gathering, it in effect seeks to address a similar question to Karpin’s report: whether Australia’s organisational leaders have the requisite skills and capabilities to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

‘Australian management must improve significantly in the next decade if enterprises expect to even meet today’s world best practice standards. There are only a few enterprises meeting these standards, and the best Australian managers are equal to the best in the world. However, the evidence… clearly indicates that the majority of Australia’s managers do not have the education or skill levels of those of the major trading nations.’

Download the full report HERE or Chapter One HERE.

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