Tax Almost Destroyed Us

My parents got married fresh out of college. My father belonged to a rich family and inherited a huge estate on the East coast. He was a spoilt man. My mother was a trophy wife.

My grandparents died in an accident when I was two years old. Dad suddenly geared up and he joined Grandpa’s business. But he resumed gambling after ten years of remaining clean and he died of alcohol poisoning when I was seventeen.

The lawyer informed us that Dad had been in a debt of $20000. Mom cleared it. He had lost a lot of money and we only had a few thousand dollars to get by until mom found a job. Moreover my college prospects were coming up.

When taxpaying time came we had to give up the estate to the government until we could pay. My mother worked three shifts a day in her sister’s company and I waited tables. Two years later we managed to earn enough money to clear out the taxes. My mother was now promoted to a respectable position in the company and I started college late. At last now I have a good degree and am maintaining my estate well.

Kissimmee Tax Consultant

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