LeadRex is on WeiDex!

Dear community! We keep sharing with you good news. We continue to find new exchanges for listing. The next one is WeiDex.

What is WeiDex?

A decentralized exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that does not rely on third-party services to store customer assets or information. Instead, the trades that occur on decentralized exchanges are completed directly between users (peer to peer) through an automated process by the implementation of smart contracts. This is further achieved thanks to the usage of a decentralized multi-signature escrow system that makes the exchange safe, secure and efficient.

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Every day we are working hard. We do all things step by step to reach every goal in our roadmap. The phase of listing is going on great. And we are very happy to share with you the news about cooperation. Thank you, that you are with us. Stay tuned to receive the latest news!


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