Types of Translation and Localization Services

Asia has grown by leaps and bounds in all areas like science and technology, politics and business. Apart from Japan and Korea, we also have a clutch of Asian tigers in South East Asia. And of course there is the big Daddy China. All these countries have one common factor, and that is they have no common language like English. They all have their unique dialects and languages. While English is used by many, but any business operating in Asia would do much better if it was able to use the local language.

This is drawing corporates, professionals and business owners in droves to different countries of Asia. This has resulted in the growing need for Asian language translation services. There are a large number of specific services that fall under the broad umbrella of translation, and any professional translation company is expected by its clients to provide all of those services. Let us look at these services.

Technical Translation

Because there are many specific technical documents that companies need and use, it is important that they be readable by local technicians and users easily. The documents need to be converted to content in the local language which is easy to understand yet does not lose out on the technical issues.


Often the conversion is not required for written documents but of the spoken word. Specialists coming in from different countries need local translators. For example, if a European company is working in China, they would need professional Chinese translation services. The translators and interpreters of the agency need to be well versed in at least two languages.

Website and Media Content Localization

A website or a multimedia content might not be as useful to local clients, partners or prospects if it talks about global issues without taking into account local nuances. Many agencies provide these services where they would inject a local flavor into the content of a website.

Software Conversion

With the increased use of technology in everything from artificial intelligence to automation, the software and algorithms also need to be converted into a form where they are easily understood by local users, so that they can be handled by local talent.


All the services mentioned above need to work well in both ways. Sometimes they need to be converted from a foreign language into the local Asian language. But very often, content and conversation in the local language also needs to be converted from the local Asian language into English which is used by most foreign users. Sometimes there could be the requirement of converting into European languages too.A good service provider would be able to handle all the requirements above, and bridge the gap between countries and cultures. This would enable the globalization of the world economy in real terms, and allow free movement of ideas, content and people without the constraint of language and clarity.The agency who handles such services must have adequate breadth of industry exposure and a set of employees with a strong grasp of the several languages used in Asia.

About The Company

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