How To Ask A Beautiful Woman Out On A Date

For most men asking a woman out on date seems quite challenging as it brings out unknown fears. Every man might have gone through this stage at least once in a lifetime and I’m not exception to this as well. I did feel many times. You might have already met the woman of your dreams or got her phone number and wondering how to ask her out without her refusing you. If you ask a woman out on a date with a she will accept or not will depends on the following things that we will discuss below.

For now, let me ask you, are you getting answers from women when you ask them out just like below?

Oh nice, but I am busy, but I’ll give you a call. Oh, so nice but already have a boyfriend. So nice but I’m sorry I’m not really dating anyone right!

And so on.

You need to understand that you did not pass her tests or she might have put you in nice needy guys list. According to women, these guys are not worth spending their time or do not get really value from them or not fun and cheerful to be around (I do not mean a clown here). So, women put you under nice, needy, disparate, predictable and boring man category that wastes their time and they never want.

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