LeafyQuick — Our Story

LeafyQuick’s mission is quite simple to quickly, safely and conveniently deliver on-demand the highest quality CBD products to consumers, and help retail and brand partners by providing valuable consumer insights and trends to grow their businesses.

LeafyQuick was founded by two University of Chicago Booth Executive MBA Alums who met during the program. They wanted to utilize their extensive corporate and technology expertise to bring CBD to those who need it the most. When in this day and age you can get pretty much anything delivered to your doorstep thanks to Amazon, Grubhub etc. why can’t you get CBD?

This simple premise was put into practice shortly after the Farm Bill was passed on the Federal Level making CBD legal in all 50 states. To their surprise there was no one else in this market, and they quickly capitalized on the opportunity. Starting in their home town of Chicago, they started by making deliveries themselves (which they still sometimes do).

LeafyQuick is expanding rapidly now extending to some Chicago suburbs, Florida and New York as well. Their goal is to expand to all 50 states, making CBD available the same day. They take pride in only working with selective brands that meet their high standards of quality, testing and commitment to the customer.

They recently started a pop-up location to meet CBD customers in person to educate them on the product, answer any questions and help raise awareness. People still are apprehensive about talking and trying CBD for various reasons. LeafyQuick is trying to lower those walls and help bring the conversation out into the light.

CBD comes in various forms, from edibles, tinctures, vapes, rubs and even in pop corn. But, regardless of the delivery method it is important that consumers of CBD are selective about the brands, do the due diligence, speak with their doctors and only work with trusted providers. The popularity of CBD has given rise to many brands, and one main reason LeafyQuick was started was to help customers wade through the noise.

We are excited about how far we have come and even more excited about where we want to go with LeafyQuick. Our mission doesn’t stop here, we have some exciting ideas and can’t wait to take this journey with everyone.

About LeafyQuick, Inc.: LeafyQuick is a hot new CBD Products Delivery company based in Chicago that works with highly trusted CBD brands and local retailers to curate carefully selected products that meet the highest standards. Users can explore a wide selection, check availability, compare prices and reviews before having it delivered to their doorstep all from the comfort of their home at an affordable price.