She noticed him only because he was the best friend of the guy she liked at the time. That, and standing at 6’5” he was hard not to notice. But that was it. She felt nothing but the autonomous notion to just be polite and smile when they met.

He was just this very tall, very nice, very goofy boy from California. His short, blonde curly hair and West coast-vibe was nothing she had never been exposed to nor interested in before. Maybe it was his sheer newness that led her to essentially disregard him initially. Maybe it was just the fact that he was so tall.

After a few conversations and run-ins on the street between classes, they became friends (and she was still trying to sleep with his best friend). They got along perfectly fine. He always smiled when he saw her, she the same when she saw him, but an encounter never exceeded the obligatory niceties. When he wasn’t in the same room as her, she never gave him a second thought. He was just her very tall, very nice, very goofy friend from California.

Little did she know — the absolute littlest one could possibly know — he was it. The love of her life. The boy who would change her forever.

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