…the key components to success at the GE Digital Industrial Transformation Summit in Shanghai, China. Well, maybe the dumplings were just an added bonus, but I would certainly recommend them to anyone visiting Shanghai.

With my new dumpling friend at Din Tai Fung in Shanghai

Day 0: The Pre-Event

After a breakfast that of course, included dumplings, and a day of…

I’ve been a jack of all trades for as long as I remember. My extracurriculars in high school had nothing to do with my favorite academics. My studies at Carleton — a liberal arts college that was a perfect place for a jack of all trades like me to learn…

Leah Cole

DPE @GCPcloud. @GEDTLP alum, Boston sports fan. Previously @GE_Digital, @MITLL, @CarletonCollege. Currently unapologetically awesome. she/her

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