What I Did, and The Results

What I Did

In late January of 2018, I started keeping better track of what I was doing. Inspired by a combination of advice from disciplined colleagues and suggestions from the Marlow Daily Challenge I made a note in my favorite note taking app called “2018 Weekly Goals and Reviews.” It comprised of two types of entries: “Three Specific Goals” and “Week in Review”.

Every Monday (sometimes even the Friday before), I wrote my “Three Specific Goals” entry. It’s exactly what it sounds like — I picked out three actionable, concrete goals for the upcoming week, and I typed them with checkboxes in this note so I could clearly see if they had been done or not. …

On April 19th, 2018 I attended Uber Tech Day 2018. I had such a great time and learned so many wonderful things that I decided to share some of my thoughts and notes from the day.

Why I Went

A good friend of mine sent me an invite to Uber Tech Day 2018 (thanks, Tali!), an event sponsored by LadyEng, their women in engineering group. I decided to go for a number of reasons, some better than others

  • It was hosted at a convenient time
  • It was free
  • It was easy to get to
  • It was an opportunity to learn more about a major consumer facing product (as opposed to the industrial products I see in my work at…

…the key components to success at the GE Digital Industrial Transformation Summit in Shanghai, China. Well, maybe the dumplings were just an added bonus, but I would certainly recommend them to anyone visiting Shanghai.

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With my new dumpling friend at Din Tai Fung in Shanghai

Day 0: The Pre-Event

After a breakfast that of course, included dumplings, and a day of exploring Shanghai and attempting to conquer some serious jet lag, my colleague Tom Turner and I headed to the office for our first day at the GE Digital Shanghai foundry. We met our superstar colleagues Peng Xia and Eagle Tang, who run the Dev Ecosystem team based in China. Peng and Eagle gave us an introduction to their work and the offerings of the Digital Foundry, and then dove into the specifics of the upcoming event: the GE Digital Industrial Transformation summit. Later in the day, we met up with 20–30 local engineers from the Shanghai site for a meeting with a couple of our executives, Eddie Amos and Patrick Franklin, to talk about Predix, APM, Field Services, and the overall apps-led strategy of GE Digital. Eddie and Patrick each gave a short speech, and then left a lot of time for Q&A. Being part of a global company, I was curious to see if the questions asked by engineers in China were going to be similar to questions I’d heard asked at meetings in the USA. Overall, they were, but there were a few differences, mainly regarding networks. …

I’ve been a jack of all trades for as long as I remember. My extracurriculars in high school had nothing to do with my favorite academics. My studies at Carleton — a liberal arts college that was a perfect place for a jack of all trades like me to learn and grow — focused mainly on Computer Science, but with a heavy side dose of German courses. When I graduated, I ended up joining the Digital Technology Leadership Program at GE because it offered six month rotations that focused not only on developing me technically, but also on developing my skills as a leader. …

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The Problem

Data sets are not perfect. Sometimes they end up with invalid, corrupt, or missing values. For the project I was working on, I could not have any values that were null or empty. This How-To will walk you through writing a simple Python script to see if your data set has null or empty values, and if so, it will propose two options for how to modify your data.


This simple data set shows you a flight and tells you its airline, flight number, and the reason it was cancelled. …


Leah Cole

DPE @GCPcloud. @GEDTLP alum, Boston sports fan. Previously @GE_Digital, @MITLL, @CarletonCollege. Currently unapologetically awesome. she/her

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