What I Did, and The Results

What I Did

In late January of 2018, I started keeping better track of what I was doing. Inspired by a combination of advice from disciplined colleagues and suggestions from the Marlow Daily Challenge I made a note in my favorite note taking app called “2018 Weekly Goals and Reviews.” It comprised of two types of entries: “Three Specific Goals” and “Week in Review”.

Every Monday (sometimes even the Friday before), I wrote my “Three Specific Goals” entry. It’s exactly what it sounds like — I picked out three actionable, concrete goals for the upcoming week, and I typed them with checkboxes in this note so I could clearly see if they had been done or not. …


Leah Cole

DPE @GCPcloud. @GEDTLP alum, Boston sports fan. Previously @GE_Digital, @MITLL, @CarletonCollege. Currently unapologetically awesome. she/her

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