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My younger self would dream of going Black Friday shopping. I would beg my mother year after year to drive us over 2 hours away to the nearest mall to join in the chaos of scoring the year’s best deals so I could show off my haul to my friends at school the following week. She never agreed to go, insistent that she did not want to fight the traffic or crowds at the stores. Alas, we always stayed home.

Over the past few years, I have intentionally challenged by relationship with consumerism and acquiring material possessions. Where I used…

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In November 2017, after merely two months at my toxic desk job that lead to endless nights of crying, neglecting to eat due to stress-induced nausea, and drawn-out complaints to anyone who would listen to me, I chose to resign without having another job offer. It was a terrifying decision, as I was compromising my mental and physical health by working in this role, but quitting my job could leave me in a state of financial ruin.

The next three and a half months of being an independent and anxious unemployed person brought on various challenges and lessons (aside from…

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“I cannot WAIT to go home.”

My personal to-do list swirls in my head as I desperately attempt to crank out one last phone call before the clock strikes 5:00 PM. Soon enough, I’ll be in my cozy studio apartment, laptop firing, ready to write an article, apply for a side job, update my budget, or any other productive activity that will bring me closer to my goals.

Today hasn’t been the best day at work. Well, no day in my current position is enjoyable. The constant stress and high work load of my job brings me to thoughts of…

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I’ve had an idea for a podcast for a few months now. My idea is a topic that both interests me, and one that I believe could be very useful for many people. As of now, I’m calling it “common ground.” The premise would be that I speak with an individual who has a very different belief or value, or lifestyle, then my own. I would devise a series of questions and talking points, and for each we would work to find a way to relate to one another, a sense of understanding towards one another’s stance, or common ground…

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This is a transcript of a short speech I gave for the Earth Day Festival at the Ethical Society of St. Louis on April 22, 2018.

I first heard about “zero waste” living about two years ago when I watched a YouTube video from a young woman who chronicled her experiences of striving to produce no trash. I was intrigued by this purposeful lifestyle, as I am no stranger to connecting the dots between my actions and the resulting consequences. By the time I first heard about zero waste, I had been living a vegan lifestyle for over two years…

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Why I Quit Goals

Most of us have milestones that we want to achieve in our lives, such as a career that brings them satisfaction and a nice income, a loving family, and a beautiful home. Others, like myself, place a priority on travelling the world, growing an online business, and delving into creative endeavors.

For many years, I set goals like everyone else. I identified what I wanted to achieve, such as a New Year’s resolution to drop 50 pounds in a year. I’ve set the date in which I wanted to achieve the goal, crafted a plan for…

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