Want to Study Abroad? Join CAMP.

Sharpen your pencils and bring out your notebooks because today, we’ll be talking with the president of College Admissions Mentors for Peers (CAMP) Philippines about educational opportunities for local Filipino students abroad.

A high school graduate of De La Salle University and a current Civil Engineering Major at New York University (NYU), Anton is currently leading CAMP with his co-president, Jacob Wee. When asked about what he’s most grateful for for being a member of CAMP, he told us its the friends he made through it — friends that he’s still in touch with even after CAMP events.

Anton Cano (far left) having brunch with his friends at New York University (NYU).

With its student-run mentor ship program, internship program and study abroad conference, CAMP aims to help local high school students study abroad. For the mentor ship program, current college students from universities abroad are paired up with local high school students — the goal of which is to connect successful applicants to current applicants so that high school hopefuls could maximize chances of acceptance. The internship program, on the other hand, connects students to companies that accept interns over the summer. This internship program could be included in one’s resume. Lastly, the study abroad conference is the flagship program where attendees attend a whole-day event graced by speakers who were once international students at universities abroad.

During this Corvid-19 pandemic, have there been any challenges in keeping in touch with your community at CAMP?

How is CAMP vital in the college admissions process?

Is there any racial prejudice that Filipinos may face when they study abroad?

What differentiates studying abroad and studying here in the Philippines?

With the presence of COVID-19, what will the fall semester look like?

Watch his full interview here.

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