labels as limits

stripped of stories.

behind the roles,


titles taken off.

undressed into the underneath.


naked to now.

without language to censor,

only the sensing

itself remains.


how to have an experience devoid of labels (and therefore less expectation) has been on my mind a lot. and even deeper than that, what it’s like to feel into an experience underneath language (and therefore meaning) altogether.

waking up this morning, I could feel a dark and heavy sensation gluing me to the mattress. lack of motivation to get up, very little excitement about the day. Depressed. again.

in no time I’d formulated what my day would be like. unproductive. lazy. and likely involve binge-eating or other coping mechanisms. maybe, if I were lucky, I’d brush my teeth. but prompted by a Mooji video I’d just watched, I tried something radically different. I left the story in bed. and I got up.

what!? heaviness no longer had meaning. it was simply a sensation. it didn’t mean I couldn’t exercise. or be grateful for the day. or that I needed to “fix” myself. or that teeth brushing would feel hard. or that I had to do anything ABOUT the heaviness. only to let it be.

it felt revolutionary! things that normally took tremendous effort (on the heavy days) felt effortless. without the story, my body wanted to run. I enjoyed the sun and fresh air. gratitude organically emerged as a by-product. teeth-brushing simply happened. I emotionally ate, and I let it mean (almost) nothing. and I found myself here with the pull to write without forcing myself.

it feels so profound that I want to bottle it up so everyone can taste it. but . . . no need for that. it’s available to all of us. there is a current running beneath language and labels, stories and meanings. freedom for us to simply be, as we are, right now. do you feel it?


what would life be with less labels, and therefore, less expectation?

how much more present would we be in our experience?

how much of life do we rob ourselves of by living into an idea of what an experience will or should be?