The past year and a half or so of my life has been quite a whirlwind. I graduated from college, and in a surprising twist of events, I moved back home. I had a job opportunity that allowed me to work from wherever, and I also knew that it would be smart to live at home for some time and pay off my student loans. But the decision to move home wasn’t exactly a “smart, rational, mature decision” so to speak. …

We should all take some time to familiarize ourselves with steps that we can take to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones when using Uber.

The tragic murder of University of South Carolina student, Samantha Josephson, has raised some serious concern and conversation around the safety of ride-sharing apps like Uber. Josephson was murdered after leaving a bar and mistaking her killer’s car for her Uber ride.

In the wake of this tragedy, many are asking “How did this happen, and how could it be prevented?” Many are showing increased skepticism towards Uber as a safe option for transportation. …

In this age where we are constantly online, what does solitude really mean? And how can we engage in digital decluttering to live more meaningful lives?

When was the last time you typed the phrase “BRB” to someone?

If you’re struggling to remember, you’re not alone. It is almost odd to remember that there was a time when we would type “BRB” to signal to whichever friend that we were chatting with that we were about to go do something else, such as go to the bathroom or grab a snack. It was in those same conversations that we would also close out with a “GTG, TTYL!” and then log off and step away from the computer.

It is weird to remember a time when it was necessary to say these things because the technology at the time…

A recent Gillette ad has reignited debate over the role that companies can and should play in activism and social justice.

On January 13, Gillette released a new ad campaign with a short film titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”. Two days later, that video has over 6 million views on Youtube, and has garnered over 445,000 dislikes. Many are decrying Gillette for seemingly pandering to a social-justice-minded audience, or trying to appear “woke”- and the hashtag #GetWokeGoBroke has begun to gain traction.

This is certainly not the first time a brand has attempted to be “woke” and it has backfired quite miserably- who can forget that infamous Pepsi ad with Kylie Jenner?

And if it is, does it always have to be?

The other day, I found myself scrolling through my Facebook news feed mindlessly when I came across a post from the popular account, Humans of New York. It was a photo of a young man, and the first line of the quote accompanying his photo read “Social media isn’t evil.”

That statement alone is likely enough to start debates amongst many people in various circles. It seems to be a topic that is being talked about widely lately, from the rising investigation of cyberbullying and the connections between social media and mental illness, to the privacy concerns connected to Facebook…

A post-travel reflection on the visa category that allowed me, an American, to travel to Cuba, and how exactly American tourism supports the Cuban people.

Where are you from?” I hear called at me as I string through throngs of people crowding the streets on a hot spring day. “Los Estados Unidos”, I reply, to a big smile and a response of “Oh, I love your country!”

I am an American that has just returned from a trip to Cuba, and this exchange is one that happened multiple times a day during my time there. Given the rocky history between Cuba and the United States, I found it interesting just how keen the Cubans that I met were to declare that they loved my country…

The recent uproar of Kim Kardashian’s latest product endorsement has gotten me thinking about the role we, as consumers, play in influencer marketing.

If you have opened Instagram or Twitter this past week, chances are that amidst the barrage of content, you may have seen some uproar over a recent sponsored post from Kim Kardashian that proved to be quite controversial.

On Tuesday, May 15, Kim Kardashian shared an image of her sucking on a lollipop with the caption “#ad “You guys…@flattummyco just dropped a new product. They’re Appetite Suppressant Lollipops and they’re literally unreal. They’re giving the first 500 people on their website 15% OFF so if you want to get your hands on some…you need to do it quick! #suckit”.


Content Warning: This article discusses suicide and sexual abuse. If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental illness or suicidal thoughts, please reach out and click here for resources.

2017 was the year we saw all of our social media timelines blow up with divisive content, “fake news”, finger pointing, and overall content that often times made us want to just close our laptops and curl up into a ball and shut out the world. It was a hard year, folks, and the stuff coming across our screens surely reflected that.

That being said, 2017 showed me that…

When I was a child (who are we kidding, I am still a child…but anyways. I digress), I used to have a big love for reading. Though I was required to turn off the TV at 9pm every night, I was granted permission to stay up and read quietly in bed for as long as my heart desired. As someone who was mildly afraid of the dark and petrified of ghosts that I was sure lived in my closet, I often slept with the light on. …

With the holidays fast approaching, this time of year is perhaps the time most centered around consumer purchases. Many of us are making lists of people we need to buy gifts for, and putting careful thought into just what each person would like. But what if we put that much thought into everything that happens before we make the purchase (and where the money goes after)?

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Scott Jacobsen, co-founder of DoneGood, a tech-startup based in Boston that aims to help consumers “find brands that make the world a better place”. They rolled…

Leah Bury

I’m passionate about all the ways we can make the world a better place & am working to infuse more compassion into our businesses, our communities, & our media.

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