How to End Google’s Monopoly
Shane Greenup

I just find it amusing how you use this far left socialist website to illustrate ideas that get marginalized because they are the exception rather than the rule. Of course it’s bad to censor no matter what ideas are being put forth, but the overwhelming majority of voices that are being suppressed are on what progressives would consider ‘the right’. That’s just a fact and it makes perfect sense because these huge monopolies are all run by progressives who have a good appetite for censoring those views that run counter to their own. It is ex-muslims who are critical of islam and moderate muslims who are trying desperately to reform islam, but who are deemed self hating because they are openly critical of its ideology. The progressive left is doing great harm by stifling those voices, thinking that it’s protecting a marginalized group. They’re muzzling those on the right who are fighting against this kind of censorship and are now the ones who carry the torch for the First Amendment. They are censoring anyone who questions the pc dogma, cites embarrassing stats about race or gender, or outs the rampant hypocrisy on the left. You make your jab at Fox News, as if they are even a smidgen worse than any of the other major networks, when much more manipulative editing has been done by both CNN and MSNBC than Fox ever did. Hey, I’m glad that you at least see the threat to free speech, even if you are seeing from a perverse perspective, but I just wanted to try to set the record straight, if even just a little bit.

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