For a Limited Time Only! (Capitalism Blues)

O say does that war-tangled Bannon yet prey
o’er the Land of the Free Gift with Purchase!
and the home of the KKK?

Where Congress shall make no law respecting
an establishment of religion,
with the exception of the Almighty LORD Dollar

In this God we trust

that all men are created equal
And therefore, the only way to keep more than you deserve
is to cheat

with loopholes that aren’t just good. They’rrrre great!

to increase the flow of money from your brothers’ and sisters’
into yours.
With ease.

And every spring you rob me
of the very dawn.
For whom is this Daylight Time saved

in the land of the free market and the home of the depraved?

A life of “soulless servitude making Other People rich”
is not for everyone.
Talk to your corporate overlord
if you experience
liberal heart-bleeding
or thoughts of insurrection

as these may be signs of a more serious sedition.

My oppressor has a first name
It’s G-R-E-E-D
My oppressor has a last name
It’s D-I-S-P-A-R-I-T-Y

How do you spell tax relief for the rich?

But wait! There’s more!
Nuclear operators are standing by,
and 15 minutes couldn’t save you,
or anyone that you love.

Can you hear me now?

Because our chance to SAVE BIG!
ends soon.

For a limited time only,
we have breath in our bodies.

Act. Now.