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This is a simple piece that put things into perspective for me, as I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain my empathy with Trump supporters who are my friends. It’s not until after the election and I saw the variety of bs being thrown around by liberal friends that I started truly looking at my vote. And if I could go back now, I would’ve stuck with my guns, but instead I felt the need to do what you stated above. Focused on the one issue of women’s rights, even though I even had the rebuttal ready of, “well her husband clearly isn’t proof of concept for that. As well as the wish washy page she has for her views on sexual assault cases.”

I want to go now and ask these questions to her supporters, because I knew I caught a bunch of them in an echo chamber from hell. Now I have the right auxiliary to go after them, so thank you for even making me have to take a look at my vote from almost two weeks ago.