Travel Safely With Car Seat For Your Child

Placing babies in a car seat that is designed especially for them can reduce the risk of injuries and death due to accidents up to 70 percent. It is best for you to stop your habit of holding your baby on your lap in the front passenger seat of the car when you are traveling. Doing that can put your baby at risk for being squeezed by your body, smashed to the dashboard, or even bounced to the windshield if the car should suddenly stop or if there an accident happens. Besides, a standard seat belt is not the right device to keep them safe anyway.
Why Toddlers Need A Car Seat

The standard seat belt for adults is not suitable to be used by toddlers as their bodies are much smaller. Therefore, this standard seat belt will not protect them should the car suddenly stop or undergoes a hard impact. A seat that is specially designed for toddlers and can hold their body in order to minimize injury during car accidents is needed.

In newborns, the weight of their head is about one-third of their total body weight. This part of the body becomes susceptible as their cranium has not been formed perfectly. This is why even a relatively small turbulence can affect the brain. Other than that, their ribs and pelvis that are not yet stable also cause them not to be able to sit perfectly yet, unlike adults.

In children of ages 1 to 5, the formation of their bone is not yet perfect until they are between the ages of 6 to 7. The special seat is still needed in order to protect their bones that are not yet as strong as those of adults in order to minimize the risk of being bounced when there is an accident. Some types of seats can be reset in order to adjust to the increase in height and weight of children.

Child Car Seat Buying Guide

Tips On Choosing A Car Seat

Pay attention to the maximum capacity of the car seat. Do not put your child in a car seat that is not suitable for their weight and height. Make sure that the size of the seat belt on your toddler’s car seat is also suitable for their body posture. The bottom seat belt should lie along the upper part of their stomach, while the upper seat belt should lie on their chest and not their neck. Also, make sure that the chair has a label of safety certification to make sure of the seat’s safety.

It is better to use a new car seat than used ones, as used ones pose the risk of endangering the toddler as most likely the hook will not function or the belt has become loose.

Graco 4ever and Graco Milestone Convertible Car Seat can be an excellent choice of car seat for you children. The car seat can transition so you can convert it as your children grow to accommodate their needs. They also meet all of the safety standards, so you can be rest assured that your child will be safe. What’s the difference between those two convertible car seat? You can find the answer for that question in this article.