My First 10 Day

Every month the villa is closed for about 10 days. For those 10 days students are to be out of the villa and the apartments. This was the second 10 day and I was invited to travel through Italy with the Architecture students and their faculty member. We traveled to Rome, Siena, Florence, and Verona. Since we did so much traveling I have a new post for each city!

Getting to Rome was a bit of a challenge for me. It all started at 4AM, my train to the airport left at 5:10AM but for some reason I thought it left at 5:40PM. So much so that I didn’t notice that I was wrong until 5:05AM…it was too late to make it to the train station by then. Luckily there was a 7:10AM train that would still get me to the airport on time and since I wasn’t feeling well anyways, the extra sleep really helped.

I have flown out of the Malpensa airport before but usually I would take a train to get on a bus that would take me to the airport. Not this time, I found a train stop that took me all the way to the airport, it was so nice! I arrived at 10:11AM and my flight left at Noon, originally leaving at 11:40AM.

One thing I realized is that when I travel alone, I eat everything I see. I had a sandwich on the way to the train station and that helped but then in the airport I bought a Coco Cola, Crispy M&Ms, orange juice, and a box of Ritz crackers. Ritz crackers!! I was pumped to see them and since I didn’t feel that great, they provided some comfort.

Before I left on that Friday morning I booked a shared airport transfer to take me to the hotel. The group had been in Rome since that Wednesday so I was playing catch-up. Waiting for the other six people, all couples, took about 45 minutes but the transfer was well worth it because I didn’t have to stress about getting a taxi or taking public transportation and hoping not to get lost.

Originally published at on November 6, 2015.

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